Devotion 3 of 4

The story of Zechariah and Elizabeth is one of true joy. They waited and prayed for years to have a child of their own but Elizabeth was not able to conceive. Waiting is one of the toughest things we are called to do. It takes a lot of patience and even more trust. But it is in those times that we find our joy through Christ. God did not leave Zechariah and Elizabeth, nor was He punishing them for anything they did. In fact, Luke clearly states that they followed God’s commands blamelessly (v. 6). It was just a time for them to wait and trust in God’s plan for their life. God did eventually bless them with a child in their old age, a child that brought them so much joy and who would lead the way for Christ. The Christmas season can be a fun and joyous time for many, but for others it can reminder of all the things you are still waiting for. Whether that is to reunite with family, to find healing, or for a longing to be fulfilled, the holiday season can be a harsh reminder of these things. But there is joy in waiting. God is with you always and has a plan we cannot comprehend. Joy doesn’t mean you are happy all the time, instead it is knowing that God is in control always and is there for you through every moment. Joy is resting in God and trusting that He is faithful. Joy is understanding that He chose you and loves you. God sent His Son to be born in this world for you! If you can’t find anything else to be joyful in, be joyful in that this Christmas season and praise God for humbling Himself to be a servant on earth for us and to die on the cross for us. Trust that He is in control even while you wait. 

Daily Scripture

  • Isaiah 2:7-9: What brings you joy in your faith?
  • Luke 1:5-25: Think of a time when God answered a prayer for you. What were the emotions you felt and how did you respond?
  • Luke 1:39-45: What humbles you in your walk with God?
  • Luke 1:46-66: Just as Elizabeth and Mary rejoiced together, we are called to rejoice with one another. When was the last time you truly rejoiced with someone over God’s gifts?
  • Luke 1:67-80: How have the mercies of God shaped your life?