Our Core Values

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“Know where you’re going.”  

Helpful advice, huh? New to this area last winter, my wife, Anna, would have appreciated knowing where she was going one dark and rainy evening. She was driving on EAST Lake Sammamish Blvd, growing increasingly frustrated as she searched for her destination, only to find out she needed to be on WEST Lake Sammamish Blvd. We can laugh about it now, but that night the confusion resulted in tears.

It is just as important for a church to know where it is going. Core values set its direction and priorities, impacting how it invests its time and resources. The core values define what’s important and what really matters—the big ideas. For a church, core values not only determine the priorities of the church leadership, but they also describe what each member of this faith family should be valuing individually.

Crossroads Bible Church describes the Christian life in five big idea words that we call our core values:

  • Worship 
  • Connect
  • Equip
  • Serve
  • Outreach      

These values summarize the essential characteristics of biblical discipleship in our faith family. The way in which we live out these core values forms the foundation of what we do in ministry and how we're known by the community we serve. 

As we join together in a passionate pursuit of these values, watch out planet earth!  There is great power when a team rows together in the same direction. This common purpose will help us achieve our mission of building a community to change the world.

Over the next five weeks and periodically throughout the year, we'll be sharing more details on how we're putting our core values into action here at Crossroads.  You can also read a summary of our core values here: Core Values.  Our goal is to help us each to be more aware of our core values, and to identify ways we can live them out in our personal walk. 

We pray as you read and study these values, evaluating the current level of priority they receive in your own life, that it will become a season of new growth for you and our church family.


Tom Clagett
CBC Executive Director