CBC Constitution - Proposed Updates (March, 2018)

The constitution of Crossroads Bible Church is a document which governs certain aspects of decision-making and scope of responsibility that support the orderly operation of the church.  The elders and staff have reviewed the document and made some recommended changes.  CBC church members are involved in this process in that any change to the constitution requires a vote of the membership.

Below, you'll find documents related to these proposed changes.  The Summary of Proposed Changes describes the nature of the change to each section.  We recommend that you start there.  Both the current version of the constitution and the proposed changes are listed below - if you would like to compare the changes word-for-word, we recommend that you download and print them both. The membership vote on April 8th will be to approve the Constitution (2018 update) document.


  • March 4 - Info Meeting - MAC Room 702 after each service
  • March 25 - Info Meeting - MAC Room 702 after each service
  • April 8 - Membership Vote, all three services