From Pastor Jerry and the Elders

From Pastor Jerry

“I want the congregation to know that I am 100% sure the Lord has chosen Keith to be our next Senior Pastor. From the moment my wife and I met with Keith and Lori, the Holy Spirit witnessed to my spirit that Keith was His choice. That conviction grew stronger as we began to uncover his deep walk with God. I hope you will join Jan and I to affirm our elders’ call to this man of God on October 7th.”

From the Elders

Why we believe God is leading Keith Krell to be our next Senior Pastor

The examination and interview process for our next Senior Pastor has been extensive and thorough.  A diverse group of people from CBC including elders, staff and lay leaders have invested countless hours with Keith and Lori.  The result is a clear and unified belief that God is leading Keith to be our next Senior Pastor.  How so?  We trust that God, in his His sovereignty, brought the candidates of his choosing into our search and Keith stood out in that process for many reasons:

  • Contagious passion for knowing, loving and serving God – If you spend just five minutes with Keith, you will sense his driving desire for God.  He committed his life to serve the Lord as a young man and has been in pastoral ministry since 1993.  Keith exudes joy when leading others into a richer walk with God.

  • Outstanding depth of theology – Keith is a student of God’s Word, as evidenced by two doctoral degrees and years of teaching Biblical Exposition at Moody Bible Institute.  His love for study has resulted in a depth of understanding that adds fullness to his teaching.  Keith is in alignment with Crossroads’ theology.

  • Gifted expository teaching – With years of experience in the pulpit, Keith has honed his style of expository teaching into consistent, compelling, biblically faithful messages that we believe will help Crossroads grow deeper in faith.  Please check out the section below that links to some of his sermons that our search team found to demonstrate his ability to preach God’s Word.

  • Seasoned leadership experience – Keith has demonstrated abilities to lead a church toward health and growth.  He’s been the Senior Pastor in two churches over the last eighteen years, both of which grew by double or more.  His references (staff, lay leaders, and elders) have great things to say about his leadership. 

  • Exceptional shepherding gifts – Once again, it only takes a few minutes with Keith to see his passion to care for the body of Christ.  He genuinely enjoys listening to people with focused attention and encouraging with wise counsel.

  • Authentic character – We see Keith possessing the kind of character and integrity one would hope for in spiritual leadership.  He leads by example, and has a robust devotional life consisting of several hours of personal study and prayer each day.  And he further leads by example in developing relationships and sharing the gospel with others. 

  • Healthy relationships – Keith and Lori have a healthy marriage and have good relationships with their children.  Co-workers express admiration and appreciation as well. 

  • A sense of call to Crossroads – Keith’s connection to Crossroads goes way back.  His parents attended here, and he listened to many of Pastor Jerry’s messages on the radio years ago.  Those messages were primary influences in his life, causing him to move toward expository teaching.  Beyond that, he aligns with our strategic priorities.  He is passionate about leading the body to reach out in love to our neighbors and serve others.  Keith is fully committed to missions and outreach, and is truly excited about the multicultural makeup of Crossroads.  In his spirit, Keith senses a great connection to Crossroads and would truly love to be the Senior Pastor here.

These things and others have led the elders to a unified belief that God is leading Keith Krell to be our next Senior Pastor, and we trust these characteristics will become evident in the coming weeks as we invite Keith to the last steps of the candidate process.  Please take advantage of the coming opportunities to meet and hear from Keith and Lori.  The coming church vote is an opportunity for the entire body to affirm the call to Senior Pastor.