WELCOME Keith Krell


About Keith

Born and raised in Bremerton, Washington, Keith grew up in a Christian home, but never anticipated being a preacher. However, on August 12, 1989, Keith dedicated his life to pastoral ministry at a Christian conference. He attended Multnomah University and Multnomah Biblical Seminary, where he met his wife, Lori, also a student. After seminary, Keith served as an associate pastor in Corvallis, Oregon, for five years before becoming the senior pastor of Emmanuel Bible Fellowship in Olympia, Washington. During his 12-year tenure at EBF, Keith completed two doctorates and taught adjunct for Ecola Bible School and Moody Bible Institute—Spokane. In January 2013, Keith and his family moved to Spokane to join Moody’s faculty full-time in the Bible Exposition department. However, because Keith’s first calling is to the local church, he did not feel released from pastoral ministry. In a unique opportunity, God allowed Keith to serve as the senior pastor of Fourth Memorial Church in conjunction with teaching for Moody at their shared campus. Now, with the closure of Moody’s biblical studies campus in Spokane at the end of June, the Krell’s desire to return to their roots in western Washington to serve in a church committed to transforming the world with the gospel through the truth of God’s Word.

Keith relishes the privilege of pastoring in the 21st century. He refuses to be discouraged by the state of our country and the church. Instead, he believes that we are living in the most exciting days in human history. He is motivated by Jesus’ words that the fields are “white for harvest” and “the harvest is plentiful” (John 4:35; Matt 9:37). Keith believes that the church is the only hope for the world. Thus, he is passionate about proclaiming God’s Word, equipping God’s people, and fulfilling God’s great commission.


Krell Family

The Krell’s have served as a ministry team for the last twenty-five years. They are excited, Lord willing, to give the best years of their lives to CBC. Keith and Lori have three (nearly grown) children, Joshua (21), Justin (19), and Jena (17).