Our Transition and Search Process

Our Senior Pastor transition began several years ago when Pastor Jerry began meeting with a group of elders to plan a process that would be a healthy transfer of leadership to God’s appointed person for this next season of ministry at Crossroads.  This team (consisting of Jerry Mitchell, Daniel Adent, Marc Evanger, Gary Ericson, Gary Massingill, Ron Elder, and Tom Clagett) researched best practices and began to assemble a plan.  Here were some of the key milestones along the way:



  • January - June –  Evaluated several search firms that could assist us in our process.

  • September – Selected Jeff Helton with the Slingshot Group as our search partner.  Established a preferred timeline.


  • January – Created a position profile to describe the characteristics sought in our next Senior Pastor. Also created a church profile document to help prospective candidates understand the vision and opportunity here at CBC.

  • February – Announced to the congregation that Pastor Jerry would be retiring and held information/prayer meetings for the upcoming transition process.  Slingshot Group began a nationwide search.

  • March – April – Slingshot Group reviewed the application materials of over 70 people and interviewed the top 20-30.

  • April – Our Search Team was assembled.  It consisted of lay leaders in our body that are diverse in age, ethnicity and area of involvement in the church (Brian Wisler (chairman), Andrew David, Andrew Faulds, Gaby Cavalcanti, Jayne Bell, Susan Teng, and Josh Betts).

  • April 24 – Slingshot Group made their recommendation of the top five candidates.  Keith Krell is in that list, and we later discovered that Keith was their number one recommendation for Crossroads.

  • May – The Search Team interviewed each of the top five candidates and reviewed their materials, concluding we proceed further with Keith Krell and one other candidate. 

  • June - July – Additional interviews were conducted, culminating in each candidate spending several days at CBC in extensive interaction with the Search Team, staff and elders. 

  • August – A number of CBC leaders visited Fourth Memorial Baptist in Spokane where Keith serves, as well as the church led by our other candidate.  Additional interviews were conducted to clarify and deepen our understanding of each man.  Interviews were conducted with each of their references.  An independent interview was conducted with each by a Converge-recommended psychologist.

  • September 9 – CBC assembled to pray, asking for God’s clear direction in selecting our next Senior Pastor. 

  • September 11 – The elders unanimously selected Keith Krell as the Senior Pastor Candidate to present to the body.

 For a look at what’s ahead in this process, check out Next Steps.