God’s story is the most important narrative, and one way of sharing that is through what He is doing in each of our lives. Stories have been passed down for thousands of years, and make up the threads of the tapestry of God’s story and who we are as believers in Christ. Every person’s story is important and has the power to show more of who our great God is.

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Trevor Pacelli

My recent mission trip to Spain was the biggest challenge I took on in a long time. I left the United States for the first time ever, stepping into an environment where I was expected to form lasting friendships in just two short weeks. Because of my autism, it generally takes me much longer to form solid relationships. It is difficult for me to come up with appropriate questions and answers, especially in large group settings.

Two verses from our morning devotions struck me on the trip: Acts 4:13 and 2 Timothy 1:7. They talk about how God can use anyone and their story to impact others. I had the chance to share my testimony on the trip, and God used my story to touch the youth there by how I have been able to relate to people because of my autism.

The Lord didn’t create me to be comfortable engaging with people in group settings.He created me the way I am for a purpose and through this trip I saw how God really does have “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11).

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Jason & Bethany Kennedy

For 15 years we sat in the same seats at Crossroads almost every week. but when we’d stand to greet the people around us, we were met with the same questions– “What’s your name? Are you new here?” For most of these years, we felt invisible and not connected. This was painful and frustrating. We heard the frequent encouragement to “get connected” but as a childless couple, we didn’t feel like we had much in common with others in our church. Eventually, we became apathetic to the value of connection with others.

God guided us to Rooted at the point in our walk where we were absolutely at our last straw in attending Crossroads. We connected to our group in a way that we hadn’t in our previous 15 years at the church. We shared transparently without judgement, embarrassment or fear. What started as a group of strangers; became an amazing group of friends.

Attending church is encouraging again. We feel connected to a church family, and also a connection to the Lord we haven’t felt in many years.

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Carr & Jill Muirhead’s story

In July 2018, Carr had a CT scan and doctors found a small mass on one of his lungs. They said we had to wait for another scan in six months before moving forward with any treatment. A month later, my father was killed instantly in a car accident. After his funeral my mother called, and told me she had a tumor on her pancreas. Two weeks later we found out it was pancreatic cancer. It was three months of anger and helplessness for both of us.

Carr and I started reading scripture together, and God used that time to teach me to fully rely on Him. In January we found out my mother’s CT scan showed the chemo was working and the tumor had shrunk in half! Only weeks later, Carr’s CT scan results showed the mass in his lung was COMPLETELY gone. The doctors have no explanation for it disappearing. I know we have not been alone in this journey, and God used all these situations to draw us closer to Him, and I trusted in Him for my salvation. He made the impossible possible.

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Mason Possing’s Story

My life was turned upside down when I was asked to be a missionary for my sophomore year of college. My mission field: The sixth floor of UW’s Alder dormitory. Two friends and I were tasked with building a community centered around Jesus. The three of us agreed to leave our other friendships behind in order to fully invest where we would be living. There was so much doubt about this. Either build a community here or have no community. We all wondered if God could really be a light in such a dark place.

When the year started, our prayers were answered one by one. My co-leader’s random roommate was not only a Christian, but ready to contribute. We started as a Bible study of three people meeting in my dorm room and grew to needing to reserve space with more than twenty by the end of the year. A significant portion didn’t know Jesus at all but chose to look at the Bible with us. While only a few people came to know Jesus that year, every person in that building was invited to “come and see.” There was nothing special about the three of us. We were just college students who wanted to see what God could do if we gave Him our year and trusted Him with our community. In the end, He did more than we could’ve asked or imagined.

We all have a story to share, what’s yours?