Summer Splash 2018: Shipwrecked!

Summer Splash 2018: Shipwrecked!



The message of the Gospel is lived out everyday in the ministry and life of Crossroads. Whether it is an all-church BBQ, a father-daughter dance, family baptism or the many ministries that happen for children and adults, our message is our story. We feel it is vital to capture and share our story with each other and our community and we do that through photos and video captured by our communications team at many of our events and on Sunday morning. We will always strive to balance the importance of sharing our story with the privacy concerns of our church family. So, we want you to be aware that our teams are capturing our stories but you have an option to opt out if you desire. Follow the instructions below and know that you can always speak directly to one of our communications team members if you have any concerns.

When we post photos to any public platform we will do our best to remove any identifying attributes such as name tags in the photo. If you find a photo or video that concerns you, please fill out a media removal request and we’ll look at it right away.

The videos and photos we take are used in a few different formats, which reach different audiences, depending on the event and what story we are trying to communicate. Below is a list of these platforms and who will be able to see them.


Facebook: We love sharing snippets from events, uplifting stories and video recaps of what our children are doing! Anyone who “likes” or follows our main CBC Facebook Page or the Children’s Department Facebook Page will see these posts.

Instagram: Capturing in the moment is so much easier thanks to Instagram stories and we are hoping to use those more often so that you, and our community can see what are children are doing NOW! We also can use this to post a handful of photos to highlight encouraging stories and impactful events at the church. Anyone who follows our Instagram page will be able to see these posts and videos.

Worship Center: Our heart is not only to show the community what goes on behind CBC’s walls, but also share with the parents and congregation what our children’s department is doing and the experiences they are having. What’s better than seeing those up close moments of children learning, and getting excited about Jesus? These videos/photos will be seen by our church family who attends service in church or online.

Lobby Screens: As we filter in for service on Sunday we want to show our members and also our new-comers WHO our church is, and one way of doing that is having looping slideshows and videos of our ministries, including Children’s, as people enter our building to learn about and worship God!


We want to respect anyone who may not be able to be filmed for legal reasons or wants to opt out. To do that, you can head to the Main Street Desk and ask any of our staff to give you a red bracelet to put on your child’s right arm. This will stay on during the duration of their time in the church and ensure that our photographers/videographers will look out for them and not capture them on camera.