Planning Center is coming!

Page last updated: Sat, 9/15 @ 3pm

In 2016, we introduced Realm as our church management platform, designed to help manage church activities and facilitate communication. Over the years we’ve realized that Realm is not meeting our needs in several critical areas of ministry and it is impacting our ability to manage effectively and create a great experience for both staff and congregation. We’ve re-evaluated options and selected Planning Center as our church platform for the future.

As with any major change, there are bound to be some bumps in the road. We appreciate your support, patience and prayers and we move, together, through this transition. Here are a few things we are excited about with Planning Center: Clear and easy process to find and register for events; easier to find and join a community group; great tools to help us connect and follow up with guests; mobile check-in; many many time saving features for staff leaving more time for ministry and relationships.


  • Monday September 2nd, core profile data will be loaded into Planning Center. Online Giving and giving history will not transition at this time. Some Groups will transition and group leaders will be notified.

  • Tuesday September 3rd, CBC staff will be using Planning Center for all profile updates. Realm will effectively be read-only.

  • Sunday September 8th, Children’s Check-In, Youth Check-In will be using Planning Center. The kiosk screens will look a little different but the main process is the same. Enter your name, check your child in, look at their tag to see what room they’re in, have a great day at church!

  • Women’s Bible Studies and MOPS will use Planning Center for Kids and group check-in. More info will be coming from Women’s Ministry.

  • Wednesday September 11, AWANA and Youth Community will use Planning Center for check-in.

How Does This Impact You?

Email that you normally receive from staff and ministry leaders through Realm will now come through Planning Center. It will look a little different, but will still clearly identify with Crossroads Bible Church.

If you have a Realm account:

  • That account will stay active but we ask that you do not use it to make updates to your profile. We will share more information in a future communication on how to get connected into Planning Center. By the end of the year we will turn off the lights on Realm.

If you give online through Realm:

  • When Planning Center Giving is live, we will update the main giving page and you’ll follow the same process you currently do to give online. We’ll have an update on when it will go live by Sept 22.

  • Moving to Planning Center involves some changes to how Giving looks on statements. You will still be able to submit online giving, create recurring giving with a choice of bank card or ACH and view giving statements online. It’s still fast, easy and secure. The biggest change will be that Planning Center will only show you your tax deductible giving when you start using the Church Center app to review statements. For most, this won’t be an impact but for some it will. We will share more on this scenario.

  • If you’ve setup recurring giving on Realm, we will be sharing info with you directly on how to successfully transition. The target timeframe for transition is no later than the end of the calendar year.

  • End of year giving statements will include all giving done through Realm.

  • There will be more information on giving transition to Planning Center in a future communication, so stay tuned!

If you are a Group Leader of any kind of group:

  • We will be transitioning Sunday Community and Community Groups to Planning Center as quickly as possible.

  • All other groups will be transitioned in the coming weeks. More instructions will be provided.

  • Please continue to capture attendance in Realm until instructed otherwise


Church Center - congregant app

Planning Center has a congregant app! It’s called Church Center and you will find in the app stores for both iOS and Android devices. This is a fairly new app and the Planning Center team is adding features frequently. Check it out and let us know if you have questions.

Have Questions?

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