What is Realm?

Realm is an online platform designed to help the church connect with you and you to connect with your communities at Crossroads. It's targeted at members and regular attenders who consider Crossroads a part of their church family. With Realm you can manage your profile, giving and stay in touch with your groups all in one place! In the future, Realm will help with an integrated event registration process to streamline signing up for paid and non-paid events. 

How Will It Help Us?

It's important to us to know how well we're shepherding and serving each other and those around us. Maintaining and building healthy communities and engagement with each other is critical to our mission to change the world.

The Realm website is easy to use and there's a mobile app to help you on the go!

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Your Profile

You will have access to your and your family's profile at Crossroads. Got a new email address? Did you recently move?  Keep it all up to date in your profile and it's updated for everything you do here. And be sure you add your photo!



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Giving has never been easier! You can manage and view all of your giving online including setting up recurring gifts. Establishing a linked account (ACH) with Realm makes your giving easier for both you and our accounting staff!


Stay in touch with your family at Crossroads! Whether its your community group, short term team or serving team, groups are a great way to get and stay connected with others.


Privacy is important to you and it's important to us at Crossroads. Finding the right balance between privacy and meaningful community is no easy task and it's a little different for each one of us.  Here are some things to know about your privacy and Realm.

  • Realm is only available to staff members and church attenders who have been invited. This means no one outside of Realm will have any opportunity to see your contact info.
  • By default, your contact and personal info is not available to the entire church. By default, your address, email and phone number are only available to staff, group leaders and other members of groups you are a part of. These are your community, those with whom you share a bible study, community group or serving group.
  • You can change who can see your profile details at any time by editing your privacy settings.  You can also opt-in to be part of the church directory online but you are not part of the directory by default. Staff members will always be able to see your profile with the exception of your financial and giving data.
  • Realm contains giving data, making it available for you to review at any time during the year. Your giving data is only accessible to you and our accounting team who receive it. No other individuals on staff have access to your giving data.

You can find more information on privacy through this short Realm Privacy video.


Email & Notification Settings

Realm is a community and communication tool, among other things.  As such, it will be used by staff and group leaders to communicate and foster community in your smaller groups. Through notification settings in each group, you have control over email and mobile app notification preferences.  By default each post in a newsgroup will send you an email letting you see the post and a link to go online and engage in the discussion. If you have the iPhone or Android mobile app installed, the app will display a notification.  You only receive an email and/or notification for each new post.  The following options are available and can be set for each group separately.

  • All posts and replies - use this for groups where you want to stay in close touch with the discussion
  • New posts only - stay in touch with each new conversation in the group
  • Nothing - receive no email or notifications with posts in a group. Use this if you regularly check the website or app and prefer to keep your inbox in the clear.

We'll share more information on these and more topics as we continue to roll out Realm.


Have a question or need some help?

If you have a question about using the Realm website, check out the online help wiki available on every page of the site.  You can access the online help by clicking on the ? in the top right corner of every page on the site.

If you're having trouble with your invite email or have other questions, you can send email to REALM@cbcbellevue.com.


Answers to some questions about Realm.

I have an account, but forgot the Realm website address! . . .

Click HERE to access the Realm website.

Is Realm just Facebook for the church? . . .

Realm is much more than social media! With Realm you can:

  • Realm is a PRIVATE environment. Unlike Facebook, your actions are not being tracked and there are no inappropriate ads on the website or mobile app. Realm is here simply to serve our church and enable us to be better shepherds.* Manage your entire family profile online.
  • Engage with your communities in groups through Newsfeed posts and discussion, event scheduling and the new Messaging feature for real-time group messaging.
  • View and manage your giving online.
  • See and sign up for Registration Events, quickly and easily.
  • Manage attendance for your groups and events to know more easily if someone is missing and may need follow up to ensure everything is okay.

I just signed up but I don't see any of my information! . . .

When you respond to your invitation and create an account on Realm you're asked for information. If some of the information you provide, such as birthday or phone number, are different from the existing profile info, Realm will create a new profile just to be sure you're not connecting to the wrong one. The system will flag it for staff members who them work to resolve the potential duplicate. This is usually done within 24hrs but if not, just send us an email at Realm@cbcbellevue.com and we'll take care of it.

Is there a mobile app for my iPhone or Android phone? . . .