We are excited to announce updates and additions to our Sunday Worship times. Starting September 15th, our worship gatherings will be at the following times: 9am, 11am and 6pm.


Sunday Morning @ 9am and 11am

We will continue to offer the same great worship experience at both of our morning worship times. Our second service, however, will be starting at 11am, 15 minutes later. We think it's important to keep things as simple as possible and that includes our start times. 9am and 11am will be easier to remember for those who may be checking things out at CBC for the first time, and it simplifies time management for busy areas like Crossroads Kids. Another reason for the change is to allow more time for what's important during the transition between the first and second services. The additional fifteen minutes will allow more time for connection and meeting our guests while still providing ample time for spaces to free up in the parking lot.


Sunday Evening @ 6pm

It's about time! Actually, it's about time, opportunity and space. We think it's important to provide every opportunity for our church and community to be in worship together and experience the love and transforming power of Jesus. Many families have commitments, work or travel on Sunday morning which make it all but impossible to attend. Extending our worship gatherings to Sunday Evening provides an alternative for individuals and families where the evening is simply a better fit. This additional time will also help to make a little more room in our morning services. Children's programming will be available for infants through 5th grade. JR and SR High youth are encouraged to be part of the worship experience.


Why are we targeting Sunday evening for a new worship gathering?. . .

  • As we pursue our vision to build a community to change the world, we want to make room for those who are not yet here.
  • Crossroads is a growing church. Now that our two morning gatherings are at 70-80% capacity our ability to grow (comfortably with parking and seating) is hindered.
  • Research points out that 25-30% of Americans work on Sunday morning, making it difficult for them to attend church.
  • Sunday evening is the best time for Crossroads to expand our worship times.
    • Our history tells us that an 8am Sunday worship gathering is not an optimum time for many people to attend church.
    • A Sunday evening worship gathering, as opposed to Saturday evening, will allow us to maximize our efforts while not overtaxing our ministry teams and volunteers by adding programming on an additional day.

Will the Sunday evening gathering be identical to Sunday morning? . . .

  • Yes...and, no. Our goal is to provide the same experience in all of our worship gatherings. Having said that, we recognize that there are some areas on Sunday evenings that we will have to build over time to match the morning experience.
  • Sermon: The sermon will be identical. Pastor Keith will preach the same compelling message in the evening as he does in the morning.
  • Worship: You can expect the same dynamic music and song set in all of our worship gatherings, including Sunday evening. However, the makeup of the worship team may be different in the evening service

Will there be Children's Ministry on Sunday Evenings? . . .

  • Yes! We will offer infant through 5th grade Children's ministry during the entire worship gathering.
  • As the Sunday evening gathering gains momentum and grows we will expand Children's mInistry to more closely match what we offer on Sunday monrings.

Will there be Youth Ministry on Sunday Evenings? . . .

  • We will not be offering youth ministry programming during the Sunday Evening Service.

Will there be opportunity for serving Sunday Evening? . . .

  • Similar to our morning services, the evening will require a host of volunteers to welcome all those in attendance. Sign up to serve for Welcome Team or Children's Ministry

What if I am serving in a ministry on Sunday morning but would like to attend Sunday evening? . . .

  • There are several options for you to choose from depending on your specific needs and availability. You can choose to continue serving on Sunday morning and also attend on Sunday evening, or sign up to serve in your same or different role on Sunday evening. If you will no longer be serving on Sunday morning, please be sure to let your ministry team know!
  • If you are not currently serving on Sunday morning, we would love to have you consider serving in any of the following ministry areas: Children; Welcome/Greeting; Tech; Parking; Security, etc. on Sunday evening.