Announcing Crossroads Senior Pastor - Pastor Keith Krell!


We are delighted to announce that Keith Krell will be the next Senior Pastor of Crossroads Bible Church. The congregation voted to affirm his call by over 99%! Amazing! Keith and Lori were excited and humbled to hear this news. Keith’s start date has not yet been established, but he will share the Senior Pastor responsibilities alongside Jerry for an overlap period ending with Pastor Jerry’s full retirement. This will allow Keith some time as he learns more about CBC, develops relationships, and settles his family.  

We have much to celebrate: an energized and unified church body, decades of faithful leadership from Pastor Jerry, a new leader in Pastor Keith for this next season of ministry, and above all, our wonderful Lord who has calls us as workers in his harvest. Isaiah 43:19 was mentioned on Sunday, and it captures the sentiment well: “See, I am doing a new thing!” Please take time today to praise and thank God for his love and faithfulness to us. 

If you didn’t get the chance to meet Keith and Lori during the receptions you can still review the information below and plan on introducing yourself in the coming months!

Keith Krell BIO

To learn a little more about Keith, read Keith’s bio.

from Pastor Jerry and the Elders

Throughout this process, many hours have been invested by the Search Team, the Senior Pastor Transition Team, the staff and elders. The elders wanted to share some of the reasons they feel Keith is the right man for senior pastor.

Why we feel Keith is the right man for Crossroads

Next Steps - Together in Prayer

Our most important next step is to continue to be in prayer for transitions.

  • Praise God! Keith and Lori have sold their home in Spokane.

  • For the Krell family, especially Jena, as she transitions during her H.S. senior year in Running Start.

  • For Pastor Jerry and Jan as they now begin to move even closer to Jerry’s retirement.

  • For CBC church staff and elders, as they get to know Keith and Lori and build relationships to continue ministry.

  • For our CBC family as we begin to get to know Keith and Lori and continue to overwhelm them with love.

  • For the church family at Fourth Memorial as the Krell’s transition away - help them to be excited about the next step God has for their church and community!

  • Prayer of thanksgiving to God for his faithfulness and to the search team, transition team and elders for their many hours devoted to this search and transition.

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