Senior Pastor Transition - Past Updates


Past Updates

  • With Pastor Jerry's announcement on Feb 11, we're also announcing the start of the search process. A search firm has been selected to assist in identifying qualified candidates for this position. A church profile and position description has been written to guide in the selection process.

  • Multiple teams of people will be engaged in the early steps of this process. A Senior Pastor Transition Oversight Team has been formed and has been prayerfully preparing the overall plan. Our staff, elders and a search team made up of a diverse group of individuals from the body will have input throughout the search process and ultimately the church membership will be involved in calling the right man to this role through a membership vote.

  • There will be periodic updates during services and this page will be updated with the latest available information. We will also have periodic prayer meetings for the church body to come together and commit this to the Lord.

  • Once a new pastor is “called” into leadership, our intention is to have a period of time where both Pastor Jerry and the new Senior Pastor serve the church, side-by-side. The purpose of this overlap is to ensure a great transition for our next leader. After this, Pastor Jerry will take a sabbatical from any active involvement in leading the church. Following his retirement, Pastor Jerry desires to continue his involvement here at CBC.

  • Only the Lord knows the timing! Sometimes a search process can take many months so whatever the case, let's commit this to prayer and trust in the Lord's love for this church and His faithfulness to see us through this transition.

    4/29/2018 Update

  • After an extensive search and evaluation process, our search partner (Slingshot Group) has delivered a group of candidates for consideration. We are greatly encouraged by the field of candidates.

  • A search team has been formed to help evaluate the candidates. The group reflects the diversity of our church family in gender, age and ethnicity, and they have served the church with Spirit-filled wisdom. The team is led by Brian Wisler and the team members are listed below.

  • The search team began initial introductions and discussions with our candidates in late April.


6/17/2018 Update

Last month, our search partner, Slingshot Group, conducted a nationwide search and received interest from over 70 men.  After careful evaluation, that number was reduced to five.  Our Search Team, a group of diverse men and women serving in our church, has spent the last month interviewing and interacting with the each of the five candidates.  They have reviewed a lot of material from these men, and spent over 20 hours in interviews overall.  They’ve done a great job, and in fact, each candidate has commented that their interactions with Crossroads have been the most thorough and thoughtful they’ve ever experienced.  We can all be very thankful for the excellent job they’ve done.  

All five candidates were outstanding, but two have risen to the top of the pack.  The Search Team made a recommendation to the elders to proceed further with just those men, and the elders unanimously agreed.  And so, as of now, we have two extraordinary men being considered for Senior Pastor.  

Each of these men are currently Senior Pastors elsewhere, and for that reason, we can’t share their names just yet.  Over the next 4 weeks the Search Team and elders will spend a considerable amount of time with each of these men and their families.   Before long, we hope to discern God’s leading and select one candidate that we can then give you an opportunity to meet.  We’re looking forward to that, but for now, we’re very encouraged by the progress.

 08/12/2018 Update

In our last update we shared that our Search Team had done a fantastic job interviewing our top candidates and narrowing our consideration to two.  In the last six weeks, we've had each of these two men come and spend several days at Crossroads meeting with the search team, staff and elders.  We made great progress in getting to know each of them and they are both, indeed, great candidates.  Both are well qualified and would bring excellent teaching and leadership to Crossroads.

Currently, we are checking references, listening to more of their teaching, and pursuing additional time with each candidate.  The next step is for the elders to discern God's leading and select one candidate to come here so we can all get to know him and his family prior to our congregational vote.  We don't have a timetable established for all of that just yet.

As we continue to work through this selection process please be in prayer for our search team, staff and elders.