A Season of Transition - Celebrating God's Ongoing Faithfulness

In 1980, Pastor Jerry started as the Senior Pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church. From that time until today he's witnessed God's faithfulness to the life and ministry here at Crossroads. In that time he's not just seen the church grow in size but he's seen it grow in impact as the teaching of God's word has penetrated and transformed the lives of so many.  Well, Pastor Jerry is now anticipating the next season of his life and ministry as he plans for retirement as the senior pastor. What an amazing opportunity to celebrate with him nearly 50 years of ministry and faithful service to God's kingdom. 

But as we celebrate this milestone, we also look ahead to God's faithful provision in the next man who will serve and lead Crossroads as senior pastor. You may have a lot of questions about this process and may even be a little bit anxious about it. That's understandable! This is an important moment in the life of the church and we want everyone to be on the same page as we take our first steps into this season of transition. It's important to note that CBC’s mission and core values are not changing. We will always be a Biblically focused and strong teaching church. We will search for a leader that aligns with who we are.

This page will provide you with the information you need to understand where we're at and where things are going with the transition. We'll be making updates as information changes so check back as often as you like.

Current Status (status as of August 12, 2018)

08/12/2018 Update

In our last update we shared that our Search Team had done a fantastic job interviewing our top candidates and narrowing our consideration to two.  In the last six weeks, we've had each of these two men come and spend several days at Crossroads meeting with the search team, staff and elders.  We made great progress in getting to know each of them and they are both, indeed, great candidates.  Both are well qualified and would bring excellent teaching and leadership to Crossroads.

Currently, we are checking references, listening to more of their teaching, and pursuing additional time with each candidate.  The next step is for the elders to discern God's leading and select one candidate to come here so we can all get to know him and his family prior to our congregational vote.  We don't have a timetable established for all of that just yet.

As we continue to work through this selection process please be in prayer for our search team, staff and elders.


See past updates here.



    • Formation of Senior Pastor Transition Team  2015  (complete)
    • Search firm selected   November 2017 (complete)
    • Church profile and lead pastor position defined    December 2017 (complete)
    • Announcement to congregation    February 2018 (complete)
    • Search process launched with our search partner - Feb 2018 (complete)
    • Search Committee Selection finalized    March 2018 (complete)
    • Receive and review candidates - April 2018, ongoing
    • Selection of candidate, congregational "get to know you!" - TBD



    Transition Oversight Team

    • Marc Evanger
    • Daniel Adent (chairman)
    • Ron Elder
    • Gary Massingill
    • Gary Ericson
    • Tom Clagett


    Search Team (updated April 23)

    • Brian Wisler | Chairman of search team, elder
    • Andrew David | Elder, children ages 6 to teen
    • Gaby Cavalcanti | MOPS leader, preschool age children
    • Jayne Bell | Involved in children's ministry
    • Susan Teng | Wife of elder, serves in greet and other areas
    • Josh Betts | Works with student ministry, previous search team
    • Andrew Faulds | Involved in Young Adult Ministry


    Elder Council


    Pray for:

    • God’s leading of the search team and elders.
    • God’s provision of the right man to lead the church; God’s provision and blessing on each one of these candidates.
    • God’s blessing on Jerry and the Crossroads family through the process of change.
    • God’s preparation of our hearts to welcome and support our new senior pastor.



    Q: Is Pastor Jerry retiring right now and will we be looking for an interim pastor?
    Not at all. Pastor Jerry is committed to a smooth and healthy transition so he will be here continuing to preach and teach until our next senior pastor is identified and called.

    Q: What are the priorities we are looking for in a new Senior Pastor?
    Our core values and identity are not changing. We're looking for an excellent, expository Bible teacher, a strong leader of leaders, one who is passionate for reaching our community with the life changing message of Jesus and who shares Crossroad's philosophy of Ministry.

    Q: Is there a targeted timeline for the full transition?
    The timing is all in God's plan. Pastor Jerry and the leadership team are moving through this process very intentionally so there is minimal disruption to our congregation and ministry and we can take the time required to find just the right man.

    Q: Will this change impact other paid staff?
    The elders and leadership of Crossroads are committed to our current staff and the continuation of a healthy team and culture.

    Q: How can the congregation be supportive through this transition?
    Please pray for wisdom and discernment among leaders and those directly involved in the search process. Pray for Pastor Jerry and his family … this is the first time he's retired and that's a big change! Pray for peace and unity within the leadership and congregation. This is an important time for the entire church and we want to demonstrate the power of Christ's love as we celebrate Jerry's ministry and retirement and look ahead to the future of Crossroads.

    Q:What should I do if I have questions?
    We're pretty early in this process but there are bound to be some questions. First, check for updates on this page that may answer your question. If we haven't answered your questions please see Tom Clagett in person or send him email at tclagett@cbcbellevue.com.  Please allow several days for an email response.