Online giving is available through our member portal on Realm either logged into your account or as a guest. Your contributions are safe and secured through our giving partner, Realm and Vanco.

IMPORTANT! In order to setup recurring giving on Realm, you will need to REGISTER on the Realm site. You can request a Realm invitation if you are not signed up. Once you have an account on Realm you can set up recurring giving with split transactions to give to multiple funds if needed.


Generosity changes lives.

Giving is an expression of our gratitude, faith and love for God and others. It all begins with our tithe, the first tenth of our income, to the church.

At Crossroads, we don't pass an offering plate during services. We believe giving is a very personal decision which flows out of a desire to give back to God and to be obedient and we don't believe it's necessary to pressure anyone by the passing of a the plate. Instead, throughout the building, there are offering boxes placed by the entrances and in the worship center on Sunday or during the week. Giving online is always available and a great convenient option.


Hey! What Happened to PayPal?

We are transitioning to new a church management system called Realm. Realm has an integrated payment process that replaces PayPal. The new payment process is preferable for a couple of reasons —it’s integrated with our management system and the fees are lower than Paypal.  If you Simply click the giving link above and you can create a secure account in Realm. Once you have done so, you will use this account for all future gifts, both one-time and recurring. Please use the Contact Us form to let us know if you need any assistance in setting up your new account.

IMPORTANT: If you have an account with PayPal, please cancel your recurring PayPal giving once you've setup your new secure account in Realm. If you do not have an account with PayPal and would like us to cancel your recurring giving set-up, please email us at

Other Giving Options

Electronic Check / ONline Bill Pay Through
Your Bank

Most banks have some form of online bill pay system that is available to those who use online banking services. It is often free and you can usually set up recurring payments from any of your active accounts. Be aware there is a short delay from the time you initiate the payment to the date the check is actually mailed to the church – which might be important for any year-end tax considerations. Please contact your bank’s customer service department to set-up online bill pay.


Stock Donation

Donations of stock allow for maximum stewardship for some individuals. To donate stock, have your broker transfer it electronically to the church E*Trade account. All the information you need to accomplish this transaction is available in our instructions document. Donations of actual stock certificates, though more complicated, can be accommodated. Please contact the accounting office by phone (425) 747-6750 or e-mail for assistance.

Please send a copy of the above form to


If you would like to support CBC with a gift of your RMD from your IRA, please send a form request to us at

Be sure to check with your qualified tax advisor for specifics as to how stock donations can be advantageous for tax purposes.   
Because of the number of stock donations the church receives, it is always advisable that you notify the accounting office at (425) 747-6750, or via email at before making your donation.  This will help us identify your gift when it arrives and make sure it is posted properly.

Thank You!

2018 Year End Tax Information

The end of the year is a popular time for many to give and we would like to provide you with information to ensure that your tax-deductible gift will be receipted in 2018. Here is what you can do: 

1.   Drop off your gift before 5:00pm on Monday, December 31st. The CBC offices will be closed on December 29th and December 30th. 

2.   Mail your gift to the church via U.S. mail on or before December 31st. Any gift postmarked on or before December 31st will be recorded in 2018. 

3.   Give Online. Click on the GIVE link and make your gift with your Visa/MC/Amex/Discover Card. All gifts will be recorded in 2018 if they are completed before midnight on December 31st. If you intend to give Stock or other non-cash items, please contact Thank you for your generous support of God’s work at Crossroads Bible Church!

The CBC Finance Team

Directed GIving

The following funds are available for targeted giving. Links to giving through Realm will open in a new window.




Send us an email at

Or call us at (425) 747-6750.