What Are Planning Center and Church Center?

Planning Center is the system in use to manage ministry at Crossroads. Through Planning Center, we manage profiles, registrations, group involvement, check-ins, services and volunteering, online giving and much more. While Planning Center is used by staff, our congregants and church family have access to Church Center as the portal for everything needed.

Having Trouble Receiving
Planning Center Emails?

Church Center Website (click to access)

Church Center Congregant App

Planning Center has a congregant app! It’s called Church Center and you will find in the app stores for both iOS and Android devices. This is a fairly new app and the Planning Center team is adding features frequently. Check it out and let us know if you have questions. Through this app you can:
  • Edit and update your profile
  • Setup and manage online giving
  • View and find group information - the perfect place to discover your community
  • Register for events
  • Mobile check-in for Sunday morning. Check-In on your phone and scan your code for a touch-free experience.

Information for Group Leaders

Group leaders are those who currently lead any group in Planning Center Groups. As a group leader you’ll interact with Planning Center in two ways. The first is how you will manage your group and the second is how your group members will access information about the group.

Managing Your Group

The Groups page on Planning Center is where you will manage your group info. Your group members do not have access to this site. When you click to the website you will be prompted to create a password and log in. The easiest way to get started is to review the introduction article on the Planning Center help site. It will explain how to manage membership, share resources, manage settings, send email, schedule events and take attendance.


As a group leader, you are an important part of leadership and shepherding at Crossroads and it comes with some expectations related to Planning Center. We ask that you give regular attention to the following responsibilities:

Maintain accurate group membership. As people join and leave your group, please make sure to update your group in Planning Center. Groups are a very important part of discipleship and overall engagement at Crossroads and CBC leadership uses group membership as an indicator to know how well we, as a church, are shepherding the church body.

Create your regular events and take attendance. Similar to accurate membership, attendance allows you as group leaders to track engagement over time. Through attendance you (and CBC leadership) will know if people are missing or disengaging. You’ll then have the opportunity to follow and care for them appropriately..

Encourage your group to install and engage with the Church Center
app for group member access

Group Member Access

Group members will access group information through Church Center. They can access it on the Church Center website or through the Church Center mobile app for iOS and Android. Through Church Center, group members:
  • Access church contact and location info
  • Their profile and family info
  • Manage online giving and see their Planning Center deductible giving history
  • Access group info such as resources, the event schedule and group member info
  • Register for church events
  • Access mobile check-in for Crossroads Kids (coming soon)
You’re encouraged to let your group know about the Church Center app.

New features are released throughout the year so groups capabilities
will continue to grow.

Have Questions?

Send any questions to PlanningCenter@cbcbellevue.com.