Global Outreach

Go Therefore and Make Disciples of All Nations

Matthew 28:19

Over 40 percent of the world has never had the chance to hear the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. The primary focus of Global Outreach is partnerships. We partner locally with Christian Community Care organizations, and globally with Church Partners and Ministry Partners. Working relationships are built with church planters and national pastors. We refer to these as "Church Partners". We refer to missionaries as "Ministry Partners" to emphasize our working partnership with them.

Short-term Teams

We desire that each believer at Crossroads Bible Church have an active involvement in God’s world-wide plan whether it is praying, giving, serving, or going. Those who are sent by the church should be well trained for the task, and be well respected by those in the church. We place a priority on sending and supporting those who are trained and already serving within our church.

Meet Our Partners

Ministry Partners

Church Partners

Local Outreach Partners

Crossroads Bible Church has its own sending agency, International Network for Leadership Development. INLD is operated much like other mission sending agencies. The strategic partnerships created under the INLD policy place added emphasis on strong communications and accountability.
Global Outreach at Crossroads Bible Church is committed to reaching out through partnerships to an unbelieving world for Jesus Christ. Working relationships are formed with “Ministry Partners” who place a strong emphasis on training and strengthening pastors and church leaders in unreached or under-reached parts of the world.

Planting or strengthening churches is a long-term strategy for accomplishing God’s mission to reach all the nations. Each church has the ongoing capacity to grow, to train, and to send people to fulfill God’s mission. In short, this will establish a sustaining witness to reach people with the gospel for generations to come.
Crossroads Bible Church partners with 8 local organizations. If you would like to volunteer with one of these organizations, visit the websites to discover how you, your family or your community group can serve locally!
Global Outreach Events

Join Us.

Global Outreach is excited to welcome visiting Ministry Partners to CBC!

Would you be willing to serve our Global Outreach guests by:

  • Hosting them in your homes for all or a portion of their visit?
  • Provide a vehicle for all or part of the time of their visit?
  • Invite them to dinner and get to know them?
Thank you for prayerfully considering how you may help. We cannot do this without your generosity.