The purpose of our ministry to men is not to overburden already busy schedules. It is, however, our goal to assist men in understanding the truths of God’s Word. To build disciples (followers and learners of Jesus). We desire to see men in our community of believers, reaching other men, and encouraging them to put on Christ and to put off the world.

Summer Bible Studies

Tuesday Mornings

6:30-8 am | Room 130
Taught by Crini Rad

Saturday Mornings

7:30-9 am | Room 130
Taught by Michael Yoo & Tom Gerety

Wednesday Evenings


6:30-8 pm | Room 130
Taught by Jeff Kelleran

October 12 | Worship Center

Has there been a question you have wanted to ask a church leader?  Join us for a panel discussion with CBC Elders and pastors.

Contact Pastor Marc Fournier with questions.
Life on Life Discipleship Groups are focused on living life together with 4-5 other men as Jesus did with His disciples. Group discussions will be on the issues of life you are facing—and ultimately what are the principles of God’s Word that speak to the issue.
We all exchange out lives for something, and there is nothing more fulfilling that exchanging your life to help other men become the men God wants them to be. 

Ministry to Men Calendar