Church Partners

Crossroads Bible Church values partnerships with other churches through the mutual encouragement we have in the Lord. This partnership includes strengthening while helping them grow towards self-sustainability. We invite you to join CBC in support of these churches through our GO Beyond Fund.

Contributions as of December 5, 2023

GO BEYOND                               Received                  Project  Goal
This Week                                             555
Fiscal Year to Date                           17,115
Project to Date                            1,035,623                       1,500,000
Go Beyond is our vision to plant or strengthen church both locally and globally through strategic partnerships. 

Anthem Church

Bellevue, Washington - Phil & Ligaya Peterson
Mission: Reaching those outside the church to make disciplemakers of Jesus, who start a new church, Anthem Church.

We are starting a new church by equipping a multicultural community to live with purpose every day until every language group in Bellevue hears the good news and encounters the good life in Jesus.
MINISTRY: Spiritually qualified and ethnically diverse leaders make and multiply diverse followers of Jesus until we become an intercultural community of the top 10 language groups in Bellevue. We are making diverse disciplemakers of Jesus, who are united in the heart, identity, and purpose of Jesus and broken by the needs in our world so that our love for one another and our world reveals the glory of God. By multiplying an exponential number of multicultural communities, we will reach those outside the church, form new communities, and raise-up new leaders until each place where we live, work, learn and play is saturated with the good news of Jesus. Our dream is to establish a Multicultural Center that welcomes the world into our church so that we are a visible solution in our city for families of foreign born residents to be understood, affirmed, and cared for in their greatest needs.

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Capilla Evangelica Astorga

Astorga, Spain -  Israel Montes & Abigail Garcia

Dukem & Soyama Churches

Ethiopia - Wondem A. Dessalegne
Ministry: To share the Gospel message with the people who do not have the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Grace Baptist Church

Buzau, Romania - Daniel & Angelika Cocos

Holy Trinity Church of Anapa

Russia - Vanya & Tanya Beliay

Iglesia Cristiana El Faro

La Paz, Mexico - Pastor Willie and Isela
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Ljubljana Evangelical
Christian Church

Ljubljana, Slovenia - Zvonko & Dubravka Turinski
Visit their website here.

Sideris Church

Seattle, Washington - David & Allison Evanger
Visit their website at here

Thunder Basin Community Church

Upton, Wyoming - Jeff & Beth Newcomer
Visit their Facebook here or their YouTube channel here.