What is INLD?


What is INLD

The International Network for Leadership Development – INLD – is one of several outreach tools available to the leadership and members of Crossroads Bible Church. Created in 2001, it allows the church to form strategic partnerships for global outreach through choosing select missionaries and national pastors whose vision and evangelistic goals most closely align with those of Crossroads Bible Church.

Why INLD was formed

INLD is the internal sending arm for certain missionaries called “Ministry Partners” and national pastors to strengthen the goal of CBC towards “Building disciples who bring Jesus to our world”. INLD operates much like other missionary sending agencies under the legal registration of Crossroads Bible Church’s 501(c)3 non-profit status. After INLD selects Ministry Partners, this unique partnership is strengthened through enhanced communications, mutual goal setting and accountability. Annual evaluations further reinforce this working relationship.

How INLD Operates

INLD operates through a “Board of Advocates” who, in turn, report to the Global Outreach Task Group.  Each Ministry Partner is assigned an Advocate who becomes the ministry partner’s primary contact.  Information learned by the Advocate Board is then passed on to the Task Group for reporting, processing and decision making.  When indicated, information will be passed on to the CBC Elder Council.  

How INLD is Funded

Funding for INLD Ministry Partners comes from two sources – 1) the Global Outreach portion of the CBC General Budget and 2), by individual donations designated for a specific Ministry Partner. Donations may also come from other churches.  Financial gifts may be made by noting the Ministry Partner’s name plus “INLD” on the payment. At times an INLD Ministry Partner may request funding for a “Special Project”. If approved by the GOTG and the Elder Council, the donor may also indicate their gift is to be used for this Special Project.

Additional INLD Information

Detailed information regarding INLD may be requested from the Global Outreach Department.

International Network for Leadership Development (INLD) is a ministry of Crossroads Bible Church (CBC).

CBC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and contributions to CBC/INLD may be tax-deductible as allowed by applicable U.S. tax law.

CBC/INLD has complete discretion and control over the use of donated funds.