Meet Our Ministry Partners

Jacob & Denny Adent

Czech Republic
Vision: Jacob and Denny are both serving Josiah Venture on the international team. Jacob is a graphic designer on the JV Communications Team, and Denny serves the executive team as an administrative assistant with the planning of key international events in the Czech Republic. They married in April 2020 and started their life together on mission - to empower the youth of Central and Eastern Europe.

Mission:  Denny and Jacob have a passion for what God is doing through the work of Josiah Venture. Their discipleship of young people through the local church inspires them to serve the international effort of missionaries and local churches across this region. Whether coordinating training events and empowerment or creating media that help share the gospel in over 16 countries, they are dedicated to pursuing God's call on their life as people on mission. Jacob and Denny also invest in their local church, pursuing dynamic community and serving where they can.

David & Katka Bordner

Ministry: We are now living in Koper, Slovenia and we are partnering with a recent church plant. It is one of only a few churches in this entire region, and we are so excited for the potential for how God can use our church to impact the coastal region of Slovenia. David is working to help the church leadership reach the city for Christ, get a new youth ministry off the ground, and discipling young people across the country. Katka is involved in the process of helping write, record, and distribute new Slovene worship songs, since currently 99% of songs sung in church were translated from English.

Vision: We really believe that reaching the next generation for Christ is the key to changing Slovenia. As an organization, our mission and calling is to equip young leaders to fulfill Christ’s commission by reaching and making disciples who make disciples. And these young leaders, as they are transformed into the image of Christ, they will transform the world around them.

Brad & Pam

Arabian Gulf
Ministry: Making disciples who make disciples among the South Asian Muslim diaspora living in the Arabian Gulf.

Vision: To be salt and light among all Muslims, and in partnership with the Holy Spirit and with those who share similar vision, invite South Asian Muslims living in the Gulf to follow Jesus, build multi-generational communities of faith, develop effective leadership, and to take the gospel back to their families and communities within South Asia.

Zala Cempre

Ministry:  Zala has been serving as a Josiah Venture ministry partner in Slovenia since 2016. She is part of the Evangelical Christian Church of Ljubljana where she oversees children and youth ministry. On a national level she serves as a director of summer ministries and leads a 2-year discipleship program for college students. Zala is also a Josiah Venture council member.

Vision: To witness Slovenes following the Lord wholeheartedly, making disciples who continue to make disciples and through that seeing families, schools and neighborhoods transformed for the Gospel.

Thangi C

Ministry: She works alongside Bible translators and local evangelists to bring the Good News in a language that speaks to people's hearts.

Vision: Reaching the lost through Bible translation and linguistics.

Wondem-A. Dessalegne

Ministry: To share the Gospel message with the people who do not have the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Aaron & Megan Gibbs

Ministry: In partnership with like-minded organizations, we aim to equip, encourage, and coach pastors and ministry leaders to see healthy, strong, and flourishing leaders and churches throughout Slovakia and Europe.

Vision: A movement of the gospel in Europe where disciples of Jesus are made, leaders are developed, new churches are planted, and communities are transformed.

Paul & Jean Goodner

Ministry: We teach and train people at Missions Conferences, Christian colleges as well as churches on Global Missions and Biblical topics involving ministry and discipleship. International training for national pastors and lay leaders in disciple making and church planting.

Vision: Is to bring light and hope in dark places, where there is none, by making disciples, training new leaders and starting new churches.

P & H

SE Asia
Ministry: We are partnering alongside indigenous pastors and believers to engage with the unreached people groups on and near our island. Our ministry seeks to provide an access, training, and support for our local partners as we go together into the cities and villages who have yet to hear the truth of Jesus Christ.

Vision: We are asking God for a gospel movement among the remaining 75 least-reached people groups in our region - in our generation.

Dan & Lynne Hollingsworth

Vision: Partnering with local and national Spanish leadership, we work to establish and renew biblical, effective leadership for growing communities of believers.

Ministry: Local - preaching/teaching ministry to local churches, particularly Segovia.

National Involvement - Foro de Liderazgo (Leadership Forum), a national board that oversees projects in support of national ministries: the Ephesus Project, a three-year, biblical equipping institute; the Oasis Project, leadership resourcing and renewal; “El Puente” (“The Bridge”) - facilitating local, regional and national initiatives to engage society with the Gospel.

In 2020 the Leadership Forum purchased the La Posada Conference Center in Navafría (Segovia), at which we currently serve as executive directors.

Jordan & Amy Husband

Ministry: Our family serves in various support roles for Misión Pro-Indígena, the Mexican partner organization for Ethnos360. Jordan’s primary ministry is as the IT Coordinator for the field of Mexico – maintaining the support base’s network, assisting with our church planting teams’ technology needs, developing resources to facilitate and simplify our coworkers’ ministries, and training both current and prospective missionaries in the best use of the technology resources God has provided.

Vision: As an organization, Ethnos360 is committed to planting mature churches among the least-reached people groups of the world – wherever they may be. One key aspect includes providing access to the entirety of God’s Word; another involves discipling believers to the point where the new church has sound local leadership, reproduces in the surrounding communities, and depends on the Lord rather than our day-to-day presence.

Rob & Karen Jaworski

Ministry: Biblical preaching, group Bible studies, training in expositional preaching, studies in theology, Scripture memorization programs, English conversation with unbelievers, organization of Christian concerts in the city are some of the ministries and activities of "14:6 Vida." This association was formed by Rob and Karen for the purpose of presenting the transforming truths of Scripture in Toledo, Spain, a city in which only 0.5% of its residents are born-gain Christians. Its aim is to help non-believers encounter the truths concerning Christ; to edify believers from the evangelical community for service in their churches; and to form into a new church a body of believers that meets for worship in the association storefront. Additionally, Rob and Karen serve as president and treasurer of Camino Global en Esapana which has twelve couples ministering throughout Spain.

Vision: For our church planting ministry and our ministry to the evangelical community in Toledo is to see lives of people transformed through the truths of Scripture, to begin and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, to be equipped to share the gospel of Christ with others, and to be prepared to serve in their family, in their church, and beyond.

Jesus Online Ministries

We believe lies about Jesus must be exposed before the truth of Jesus can be believed.  That requires a thorough biblical and historical defense of who he claims to be—as our God and Creator, and as our Savior and Risen Lord.

By freeing people from lies, doubts and misconceptions—we gently move them toward a clearer, more comprehensive understanding of who Jesus is and his purpose for their lives.

Susan Key

Ministry: Working alongside the leaders of Iglesia Cristiana El Faro to assist with church maturity, growth, and development; creating and developing BrickXBrick, a TEAM Ministry Initiative, focused on community outreach and cross-cultural communication; partnering with Reconciliamar, an ocean-based ministry, and Salmo 1 – a Bible Exploration weekly gathering.

Vision: To glorify God by making disciples who form society transforming, multiplying churches with godly Biblical leadership. Using “BrickXBrick…Helping communities click - one brick at a time ®” as a teaching tool to bridge the gap between the church and the community. BrickXBrick provides attractive, educational activities for families who would otherwise hesitate to engage with the church. Using Salmo 1 and the ocean-based activities of Reconciliamar providing an open door for prechristians to begin conversations about God at our weekly group.

Sasha & Olga Kim

Vision: To reach the City of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan with the gospel and to take the church membership deeper in their knowledge of the Word and walk with the Lord.

Martinez Family

Krakow, Poland
Ministry: We will be serving with Communitas International as church planters in Krakow, Poland. We will be learning Polish for the first couple years and sharing the Gospel with those God brings into our lives. We will be volunteering with a Christian organization that serves the city as our primary strategy to get involved in the life of the city and develop meaningful relationships with those who don’t yet know Jesus. Our ultimate goal is to see a new body of believers formed in Krakow.

Vision: Our vision is to see Poles and other internationals in Krakow, Poland, presented with practical expressions of the Gospel, transformed by saving faith in Jesus, and become part of a healthy and growing community of believers.

Jonathan & Raphaela Mauerhofer

Ministry: Head of a theological institute in Vienna, Austria: "AKG - Akademie für Kirche und Gesellschaft" ( Pastor of a church in Klosterneuburg: "Weinstock Kirche" ( Support of other churches by counseling and running conferences: "eternity Veranstaltungen" ( Online ministry to reach people in Austria and far beyond with the gospel: "Aufblick" (

Vision: To see strong and living churches send out excited followers to spread the gospel and the love of Christ, leaving His imprint on the world.

Scott & Corrin Molvar

Ministry: Working with next generation leaders to create and develop environments of Gospel-centered community.

Vision: To live out the message of good news in all aspects of life to display, enact and encourage Gospel transformation.

Israel Montes & Abigail Garcia

Ministry: Pastor and encourage the Ponferrada Church and Astorga Chapel. To lead the Prayer group of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance and collaborate with different ministries in Spain.

Vision: Establish and strengthen churches in Spain through creative evangelism, discipleship, and Bible centered preaching.


Ministry: Reaching in to villages clustered between two states while catering to their different languages.

Vision: Reaching out with the gospel to unreached people in rural areas in South India. We have been doing it for 22 years which resulted in about 15,000 new believers who have not heard the gospel before the AFCMF ministry started working in those areas.

Paul & Anita Nelson

Solomon Islands
Ministry: We serve in Honiara, Solomon Islands with Wycliffe Bible Translators as the Director of the Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group (SITAG).

Vision: Paul’s primary roles include leading the Bible translation, Scripture engagement and multilingual education work in the Solomons, providing care for our staff and families, and interfacing with the government, churches, and other partner organizations.

Through his leadership, collaboration, and partnership with others, Paul seeks to enable people from every language in the Solomon Islands to have access to the Bible in languages they best understand. Anita serves our missionary families through hospitality and homeschool support.

Prisoners for Christ

Equipping the Inside Church

Nicolas & Priscilla Rinderknecht

Ministry: Sharing the Good news of Jesus Christ and making disciples.

Vision: To plant healthy reproducible autonomous churches.

Viktor & Luda Semukhin

Ministry: We have relocated to Bellevue, Washington and are in the process of transitioning to living in the US. We attend Crossroads Bible Church and lead a community group with brothers and sisters from Eastern Europe.

: Our vision remains the same, to use every opportunity to share the gospel with Eastern Europeans new to the area.

Tony & Brenda Vasquez

Latin America
Ministry: Our focus is on mobilization and training of leaders. We are training adult leaders and young emerging leaders. Our goal is to mobilize the Hispanic church to reach Mus in their own countries and prepare to go to the least reached nations.

Vision: Bring glory to God, as we train, mobilize and provide the best tools for adult and young leaders in Latin America and the Hispanic churches in the US and Canada. All this with one goal in mind: to help them reach their nations for Christ and focus on the least reached nations of the world.