Short-term Teams

Current Short-term Teams

Žilina, Slovakia

May 22 - June 2, 2023
Team: 5 men with desire to encourage and inspire the next generation (between 25-40) and are gifted in construction.

Ministry Partner: Aaron and Megan Gibbs

Purpose: The team will serve in conjunction with men from Za Kostalom Church whose building they will be working on. The desire is to expose members of CBC to cross-cultural missions and connecting them to Slovaks developing relationships and friendships.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

June 21 - July 4, 2023
Team: This team will be made up of High School Seniors from Crossroads Bible Church.

Ministry Partner: Zala Cempre

Purpose: The team will help conduct a Josiah Venture English Camp for the youth in Slovenia. CBC has been sending teams to Slovenia since 2009.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

June 29-July 9, 2023
Team: 5-8 adults to assist with a VBS at Word of Life Church

Ministry Partner: Sasha and Olga Kim

Purpose: To set-up and kick-off a one month VBS for the youth in the city of Bishkek.



Meetings: You are expected to meet regularly as a team to build unity together and prepare for your ministry responsibility. High functioning teams typically meet 6 to 8 times together in advance of the trip. The guiding principle is once per month for teams meeting 5 or more months leading-up to the departure date and twice per month for teams meeting 3 or 4 months in advance.

Attendance: You are expected to be at all meetings, either in person or ZOOM or FaceTime, unless cleared in advance with the team leader. Missing 1 meeting is usually acceptable. Team members who miss 25% of the meetings may be asked to step down for the current year's team.

Remote attendance: Special exceptions can be made for team members living outside the Seattle area to remote into the team meetings. As a guiding principle, 1 or 2 meetings in person is critical to bond with the team. Since team chemistry is critical, this decision will depend on the team make-up and will be at the discretion of the team leader.


Prayer Team: You will need to identify 2 or more people who will commit to regularly pray for your team, the missionary, and the outreach.

Personal Growth: You will need to be meditating on the promises of scripture, to know key truths that you will rely on during this experience and that will shape your prayers. Short-term trips will stretch you beyond what you think you can do so your spiritual walk with the Lord is critical.


Personal contribution: Individuals going on the trip will provide a minimum of $500 with 20% or $100 due at the first meeting; the remaining balance can be paid at anytime but is to be paid in full no later than six weeks prior to the departure date. Families give a maximum of $1,000. These contributions are tax deductible.

Church contribution: The elders of the church approve of up to 1/3 of the cost of approved trips to be funded by the General Fund.

Fundraising contribution:  The team will work together to raise the remaining cost of the trip. If the team doesn't raise enough money by a pre-determined deadline before departure, additional fundraising activities or cancellation of the trip will be considered at the discretion of the Global Outreach Pastor.

Support letters: The most effective way to fund-raise is a direct and personal request. We focus on support letters as the primary raise funds. A letter can explain how the donor is partnering with the team through their prayer, encouragement and finances. Each household will provide 50-75 names and addresses of friends and family who you will send support letters to ask to contribute to your team. Children of parents going will not be expected to send out letters. However, families should recognize that this will make fundraising more of a challenge. Every donor will receive a personal thank you and an invitation to a celebration lunch.

Non-refundable donations: all funds received are for team expenses and will not be refundable to the participant or donors should they not be able to participate in the trip, unless the trip is cancelled.

Fundraising alternatives: Additional fundraising activities outside of support letters are allowable, but must be approved by the team leader.


Airline Tickets: The posted dates of the trip are approximate. Actual dates may be shifted by a few days before and/or after the posted dates to secure the best airfare. Your plans should remain flexible if a slight change in dates is required.

Personal Travel: The team experience begins and ends at CBC. Airfare is purchased on a group basis. Individual travel arrangements outside of the planned team itinerary is not permitted, except when reviewed and authorized by the Minister of Global Outreach prior to the purchase of the team tickets.

Debriefing: Each team will spend 1 or 2 days at the end of the trip together, processing through what they learned from God and how they will live differently when they return home. This time is critical for the team to effectively re-enter their "normal" routine.


We want our team members to be the right fit for this unique short-term mission team. Since each member is representing Crossroads Bible Church and our ministry partner, it is SO important for us to know every person is serious about this commitment. The following is a description of the characteristics of the people who do well on a short-term mission trip and who we want to participate.

Follower of Jesus -You are a born again Christian, committed to Christ, to His church and to His mission.

Humble Servant. You serve others with a willing heart.

Gospel Conviction. You share the good news of Jesus with others.

Relational. You enjoy working with people.

Flexible. You can adapt to a changing situation.

Team Minded. You work well on a team and are willing to submit to authority.

Service Minded. You are actively serving in some role at Crossroads as a demonstration of your commitment to Jesus, and to this church.

Member at Crossroads.
You are a member of Crossroads, or signed up for the next Membership Class, if age 18 or above.